The Aura Open Lane swimming competition series started already back in 2001. As the name states, these competitions have always taken place in Aura Water Center in Tartu. The program and idea behind the competition has changed a lot over time. In the beginning the competition took place 6 times a year, from September to May on the last Sunday of every month. Now it has grown into 2 day sports festival that takes place twice a year with international guests coming from as far as USA.

In 12 wonderful years we have had many sponsors like Kraft Foods, Olerex and Arena. Last couple of years Finis has taken the responsibility to fill the bags for awarding ceremonies. The AOC has grown remarkably with each and every year from a few dozen athletes to 400 per competition.

Starting from 2013/2014 the competition was renamed to Aura Open Cup. Execution quality is as always assured by the amazing team from Tartu Swimming Club (Tartu Ujumisklubi)